Hi, my name is Joel Ingram.

This adventure has come about through my journey to be a better person, husband to my wife, dad to my 3 children, son to mum and dad, and live a life that when I leave this mortal realm, I will know the world has been better for me being in it.

I help passionate, resourceful and driven men,
Who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled in aspects of their life and career,
To rewrite their narrative and chronicle a new engaging and captivating future.

So what do i do?
I now help men, bring awareness to their thinking, habits and behaviors that could be holding them back. To assist them to understand what they want, and how they can strategically achieve it.

How do i do it?
The method i use is NLP (NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING). At the heart of NLP is the principle that the human brain is brilliant at learning patterns, which in NLP we call ‘programmes’. Our thoughts create feelings which create actions or reactions. RE-ACTIONS are actions that have become ingrained it becomes our default. That is because neurons in the brain which fire together wire together, with enough repetition you will find yourself reacting to something the same way over and over. How we organise our thinking, feelings, language and behaviors will determine what our life will look like.

If any of what i have said resonates with you, please get in touch.

Stay Curious,


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