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  • From: Marijuana Today - Episode 69 - An Ohio Postmortem
    I just heard about this podcast at WeedBlog, so thought I'd check it out. - Dave Beall is correct. They start with false assumptions about Issue 3 and go downhill from there. Issue 3 did not lose because of the voters. - Polls showed there was majority public support for it just before election day. Consumers, and voters, didn't care about the minor, temporary aspect of the growing arrangements. - They just wanted their freedom. But the corrupt Ohio legislature and administration stole this election just like they did for Bush in 2004. Every dirty trick imaginable, and some we'll probably never know about was used. - I might have believed a close loss, but not one like this. I'm ashamed for all the "reformers" on this blog. - That you could turn a blind eye to all the corrupt actions that caused this loss is flabbergasting. - I can only surmise you have fantasies about future riches you will earn and Issue 3 just didn't fit them. Thank goodness we have Russ Belville on CannabisRadio. He is one of the few "leaders" who still stands for the consumer. - Everyone else has sold out to the "business."

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