Joshua Barbosa served over two decades with the Brazilian Army and State Police. During his tenure as a Police Officer, he was a Special Response Unit operator (C.O.E) and conducted scores of law enforcement operations and personal protection missions. Joshua's highly specialized law enforcement training and hands-on experience led to his position as a highly recommended Tactical Armed/unarmed Instructor in New England.

Besides his law enforcement experience, Joshua is a lifetime Martial-Arts Practitioner/Researcher; he started his martial journey at 12 years old under the tutelage of Shotokan, Aikido, and Judo Grand Master in Brazil. After receiving his Black-Belt, he opened his first Dojo in 1981.

Moving to the US in the 90s he opened the first full contact Karate Dojo in the Boston/Framingham area. He’s teaching methodologies are based on the Book of Five Rings, a strategy masterpiece by the Samurai Miyamoto Musashi.

Joshua Barbosa continues to guide a few select students in the way of the Gun and Fist.

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