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  • From: Car Torque with Matty J - The hot hatches of the 2000s
    Hi Rob! Thanks for listening to our podcast! I really appreciate the feedback and its great to know I am getting a wider audience! You own two very lovely cars! arguably the best of their generation, Golf GTIs usually are but the Fiesta ST is one of the best hot hatches you can buy (if not best), just for pure fun and driving experience. I have driven one and know how good they are! We do heaps more content on the car culture and aussie cars too here on this podcast! Cheers, Matty J
  • From: Car Torque with Matty J - Turbo Cars and Video games
    Hi Dave! I just saw this now, it does not notify me haha, Thats unbelievable, I cant believe how expensive that is haha!!! long story short buy one and dont wreck it! Thanks for sending us the answer to that question! I never played Hard Drivin, when did it come out? not many simulators do, only i few i can recall which is a real shame as it makes it more fun and enjoyable

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