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  • From: Campfire Chronicles - The Best Game of All Time
    Bonus footage? I gotta see that immediately! Thanks for the tip. :-) I'll definitely check the next video, but I live in another country so I can only imagine what these wild edibles taste like. haha
  • From: Campfire Chronicles - The Best Game of All Time
    Hi there! I've just finished listening to this episode (always enjoyable, by the way) and I couldn't help thinking about a documentary I watched last year called 'Diggin' in the Carts', about the history of Japanese video game music and its legacy. Have you guys seen it? It's available on YouTube: youtu.be/m8z8-SKg3WU, in a 6-episode format. It's great stuff. Also, I'd like to suggest a topic for upcoming episodes: eating in the wild. You must have some good stories to share about the best and worst grubs you had, the best types of food to carry, how to get a little fancier and cook a proper meal on a campfire, what works/doesn't work, things you can easily find in the nature to make tea, culinary disasters etc. I'm looking forward to the Yosemite episode, I think it will be fun to see you 4 together in action. Keep up the good work, guys!

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