Welp, there's me.


...the tall guy about to get a sexy smootch from the most gorgeous and amazing woman in the world and surrounded by 5 perfect little angels.


Got my start as a magician on the Las Vegas Strip and I've used the principles of magic to transform my sales revenue and that of my friends and clients.  


Now, don't let the beautiful family image fool ya. I've struggled almost all of my life to figure out who I even am.


I recently woke up to the truth that is within us all and all, and now helping people like YOU to thrive in your personal and professional life.  


This show will shine a spot light on something inside you that you've never seen before and wont be able to ignore. 


We each have a gift to give the world. This is where I give mine, so you can gain clarity about yours. This will be a gamechanger for you and blow your mind.


Now, for the magic to begin working in your life, we've each gotta do our part.


My job? ....just Be ME. (yes it is as simple as it sounds) 

Your Job? Let this podcast tickle your brain as I take you on your own unique journey into yourself.


Following along closly will give you a new view of yourSelf that you wont be able to ignore or forget. 


Without YOU, I'm just good lookin, quick-witted, sometimes funny magician who plays music and talks to himself.  And if ya ask me, thats not too shabby.


....But WITH you, we've got ourselves a show that will bring a transformation people around the globe. 


So thank YOU for being a subscriber and now its time to sit back, relax, and enjoy 'Me Being Me'

Parker 's Podcasts