I’m Patricia Maddalena International Best Selling author, NLP Master, Trainer, Integration Therapist & Transformational Teacher for Transformation TV. But more importantly I’m mum to three full power children who span the toddler to teen age bracket and they teach me and they inspire me and they guide me to be the best me I can possibly be. 

It’s hard to share just how potent Integration Therapy is. It really is experiential. To be on one side of life, stuck, living out the same dysfunctional behaviour, not really believing that life can change, but hoping and praying that it can someday be different, and then finding yourself on the other side, free of all that ‘stuff’ that weighed you down, free of all of that inherited 'stuff' that keeps you compromising and playing it small. Free of the blame and shame and guilt and fear. To be FREE and standing in your own power, taking up space inside your own body, is the greatest gift of them all.

I'm on a mission to help people come back to themselves and step up and into their lives once and for all!. You can find me over at www.livingfree.eu and you can pull up a chair at The Kitchen Table Facebook Group as well as on the Transformation TV Facebook Page and Platform.

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