Mark began in full-time ministry in 1997, and he will be the first to tell you that he gained an in-depth knowledge of the Bible during the many years he served as a full-time pastor. During that time he taught verse by verse through most of the Bible (both the New and Old Testaments). Preparing for those studies became his training ground in the Word of God. Being an avid student of the Word of God, Mark was also able to pursue formal theological training.

Mark is a highly sought after Bible expositor. As his schedule permits, he travels to teach at conferences and churches declaring the uncompromising message of God’s Word. As a gifted communicator, his unique ability to teach the profound but simple message of God’s grace is a refreshing voice on the landscape of the postmodern church. The writing and radio ministry of Return to the Word has ministered to an untold number of souls around the world.

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