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  • From: Garnett on Games - We Have Titanfall
    I'm no longer a fan of Sony (lost me as a customer during the original PSP, early PS3 days), but one thing I will say that is severely lacking on the Xbox One when compared to the PS4 is streaming games to a different device as a second screen. I bought in to the TV integration hype and my Xbox One is set up in to my living room where as my Xbox 360 was always in the basement. This is a double edged sword. While I personally love being able to switch between Amazon Instant Video to watch "Justified" and back to cable TV with my voice, the issue now is that when my wife wants to watch her shows in the living room, I can't play my games now. This was never an issue when the 360 was in the basement on a dedicated gaming TV. Yes I could move the Xbox One down to the basement and forgo all the cable TV integration, but that is part of the reason I got the Xbox One in the first place. I'm really hoping that MS is just waiting for the Xbox One controller drivers to be finished for PC before announcing that you will be able to download an app on windows that can stream games from the Xbox One to my laptop or PC screen. If Sony can stream PS4 games to a handheld device, surely MS can do the same to a much more powerful desktop PC!!
  • From: Garnett on Games - We Have Titanfall
    FYI: Settings on Xbox One is available on any screen by pushing the "menu" button. (Old start button on 360)

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