Glad we got that out of the way.

My past exists in worn notebooks filled with stories of teen angst and the seedlings of an identity. I've been a writer for as long as I can remember, though I must admit it irks me when people say that. In 2010, I created Kiss My Angeles and it has since served as a digital timeline of my life's continued exploration.

From my first job at 15 to my continuously expanding marketing, events, and media portfolio, I've been preparing to battle a faceless villain. In reality, I've been fighting him my entire life. As a career-driven woman born to an immigrant Lebanese family, the villain underscored my accomplishments and backlit my failures. He was my second shadow.

In the years since I launched Kiss My Angeles, my work in "male-dominated" industries has forced the once-elusive villain to show his cards, one by one. Today, as the Branding and Events Coordinator of an artist collective, I've grown confident enough to stand on the front lines of the women's empowerment movement and look the villain in the face. And though my work continues, in one small sense I've already won.

I hope to inspire an army of women to stand up and sharpen their swords, and I live for the day when we won't have to carry one.

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