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  • From: Starting Point - PS5 Reveal aka Bugsnax
    So, for RE8, I can't go into too much given the NDAs I sign, I did a playtest for it back in March. The woman on the ground is not turning. It's Mia from RE7 holding her and Ethan's child... Let that sink in...
  • From: Starting Point - Terror Flops
    I think this is what you were looking for in the intro there. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw0o7REF4XA
  • From: Starting Point - Closing Time
    So for Spider-Man, the Heist DLC was always set for October 23rd and was paid DLC. New Game+ and other stuff was Non-Paid updates that were slated for the 17th and dropped a few days later. Not sure where the issue is as the paid stuff came when it was scheduled, only the free stuff was delayed.
  • From: Starting Point - Keeping Up with the Metas
    In regards to No Man Sky, it was the "fans" that ruined the game at launch. The team wanted to keep pushing it out to meet what they originally promised. The death threats and outcry from those people who over-hyped the game from the jump forced their hands to release something that was unfinished. This was a case of gamers not wanting to wait and pushing a small team, and their publishers, to give them what the gamers did not want. I still do not see it as "the best game ever," but it is what they were aiming for now.

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