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  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Kyle Scale
    Dear 2FaaB, Been a while sense I have had time to comment on the show. But here were a few thoughts. 1. I am you biggest fan not this Derrick guy... LMFAO 2. The lore of the show is Kyle is the villain.. How did you miss that. 3. Pedophiles should be stoned by the families of the victoms. Thank you, Danger Boi (AKA - The Kyle sucks guy)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here...With a Guest
    Dear 2FaaB, Thank you for having me on, I miss doing my own podcast. I look forward to editing the show for you guys and helping to make a great product for the other listeners. I will still be commenting on what a terrible person Kyle is also as he is the show villain. Sincerely, DB (AKA-Still the biggest fan)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here, Because They Cannot Go Anywhere Else
    Dear 2FaaB, Thank you for keeping the show going during our stay at home order from this COVID-19 pandemic. Hearing your voices brings a sense of normalcy to my day, but also Kyle still has a screw loose. Keep up the good work and can't wait for the next show. Sincerely, DB (AKA-2FaaB's biggest fan)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys get Quarantined.
    Dear 2FaaB, I feel like Kyle does every terrible thing you guys say he does. If he dies who are you going to replace him with? The Asian or the Lady that was one a while back would both add more value. Thank you, DB (AKA - Stuck at home guy)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Minus Black in Two Fats and an Asian part 2
    Dear (2FaaB), Kyle did a much better job on the description this week. He did for get to finish it so i thought i would help. Brian is - an amazing human and a great anchor personality on the show. Sincerely, DB (AKA - Nate the Asian fan)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys and the 21st Episode
    Frank, I think Kyle got your password again and sucked at making the description on purpose. Sincerely, DB (AKA - The fuck Kyle guy!!)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The boys welcome Frank back
    Dear 2FaaB listeners, All 3 or the show host are in this show. Frank is just allowing Kyle to put the show on the website so there is no description. Frank, I would vote for you, make shirts. New Show Name Ideas: All Guns All the Time Sincerely, DB (AKA - Gun fanatic)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - 19
    Dear 2FaaB, I like the new girl (Jess), are you trying to replace Kyle? If so she was way more intelligent and has my vote. If not i guess i will just keep listening to see what comes out of his mouth next. Kyle did just say the smartest thing in this show, there is zero reason for him to ever own a gun. He should sell all of them ASAP. Brian, There are different uses for different types of firearms. If you hunt you may need several different high power rifles for different types of terrain or different shotguns for bird hunting. I can go on about this for hours, you may only be able to use one safely at a time but they have very different uses. Fencing sword - a sword used in the sport of fencing. epee - a fencing sword similar to a foil but with a heavier blade. foil - a light slender flexible sword tipped by a button. Sincerely, DB (AKA - Jess fan)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - Two Fats and an Asian?
    Dear 2FaaB, You let Kyle publish the show this week didn't you. He did not make a description or add any tags, so lazy. Frank, please do not allow this in the future as your listeners like to see what they are getting into before pushing the button. After actually starting the show I understand why, you wanted me to click the button. I will keep your secret and let the other figure out why there is no info (LMFAO). How many post rape tattoos does Kyle have to date? A Prius in a high speed chase would be like a white Ford Bronco. Sincerely, DB (AKA - Bigger fan of Nate than Kyle)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Discuss Earth
    Dear 2FaaB, I get why you decided to give Ant a microphone, but why Kyle. There is something wrong with him. I came up with a list of problems of your podcast, I hope this helps you with feature listener ship. DB's List: The show needs more Ant - the addition is great and adds more intelligence Kyle (just WTF!!! LMFAO) DB (AKA - Huge Ant Fan)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here with 2020 Vision
    Dear 2FaaB, White guy equivalent to big wheels would be "lifted trucks". You are all definitely city kids. I though Brian would know this, he did recently spent a vacation in my home town surrounded by a bunch of red necks. Just for the record the look of disappointment on my face would be the same as the disabled kids if i ever had to meet Kyle. I think Kyle is not having sex because of tinder, must be the cat-fishing, He should put his real picture on there, maybe he would run into the handicap kids girl and hook something up. Kyle, Every time Brian is near you his counselor senses flare up and let him know you have down-syndrome. Sincerely, DB (AKA-Pack of HOMO's/Brian's tummy sticks buddy)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here with a Dog
    Dear Brian, Why do you sit in a room with these guys? Your dog doesn't even like them... lol You should have taught him to puke on Kyle though, not Frank. Your friend, DB (AKA-the 3rd Fat)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Close Out 2019
    Dear 2FAAB, I will buy the extra episode just to hear how shitty Kyle is. Thank you, DB (AKA-Kyle's only fan)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Get in the Holiday Spirit
    Frank is killing it right now... Doesn't want to visit Dubai for arresting people for being gay... I am dying right now!!! LMFAO
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Get in the Holiday Spirit
    Dear(2FaaB), I feel like Kyle and Franks small portion may be larger than what Brian consider a giant meal. Also Kyle's car was a van with no windows in white so it looked like a fleet truck, tinted front windows and sound proof. OMG... Kyle keeps giving me ammo to just bag on him all the time!!! 0.005% chance of him hooking up at a Pizza Hut, That number goes down in most other places. Thank you for the big laughs today guys, people at work were wondering what was wrong with me. Regards, DB(AKA - Your favorite listener)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Party
    Dear 2FaaB, I am working to get you those recorded questions, I am hoping for this weekend. Just for the record you asked for them, I want that to be clear... LMFAO Sincerely, DB (AKA - Dirt Bag Listener)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here...Minus the Black Part II
    Brian (AKA-Classic Man), You are going to have to start taking the podcasting equipment with you at the end of your recording sessions. Frank and Kyle are trying to ruin your show. Just kidding boys, you were great as always. Keep the shows coming, they are the best part of my workdays on Tuesdays. Sincerely, Danger Boi (AKA - Gun lover #2)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Hold a Townhall
    Dear 2FaaB, It was so refreshing to hear Brian again after last weeks episode. You might consider not doing any shows with out Brian as he does tend to carry the show. Better yet Brian, you should break off on your own and do a real show. Just kidding guys I look forward to your show every week. Who was the 3rd guy last week? He filled in well for Brian. Truly yours, DB (AKA - Brian's #1 fan)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here...Minus the Black
    Dear Classic Man, The 2 Fats tried to give me a heart attack while you were out. They announced you were DEAD!!! Kyle sucks!!! I tried to listen to the end of the show to see if they did anything to inappropriate but i fell asleep about 10 minutes in. Can't wait for you to be back to carry the show again. Sincerely, DB (AKA - The Hall Monitor)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here, and Have No Time for Your Sh*t
    Dear 2FaaB, I have a new favorite porn now, thanks a lot!!! lol.. Why does Klye get creepy when you guys talk about the Lady-boys? Your dearest friend, DB (AKA-Midget Lover)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Talk About Weirdos
    Dear 2faaB, I have nothing bad to say this week. I really tried to come up with something but you made it hard by giving me a shout out. Great work I can't wait to listen to the next show :) Love always, DB (AKA -The 3rd Fat?)
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Work Through Some Sh*t
    Dear 2faab, Can you publish a schedule? I am waiting patiently for the next show to come out (like a heroin addict for his next fix). Thanks in advance, Asshole Listener
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Work Through Some Sh*t
    Brian (AKA Classic Man), Can you work with the "2 fats", one of them is heavy breathing into the microphone and grossing out all of you future women listeners from listening. You might recommend better eating and exercise, these are both proven ways to fight the mic problem. Thank you, Your Most Loyal Listener?
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys Are Here to Participate in Extra Curricular Activities
    I want to know how the amazing Black Gentleman can even sit in the same room as the racist fat bastard a-hole? Listen classic man, you should shun his hate speak!!! LOL JK keep up the good work fellas, love the content. Also i feel like Kyle enjoyed the stripper milk.
  • From: Two Fats and a Black - The Boys are Here to Talk About Consent
    You didn't get strep throat from eating pussy. You got chlamydia from that chick and she didn't tell you. LMFAO
  • From: Daddy Issues - Daddy Issues
    How do we contact you? I have stories for you guys.
  • From: My Dentist is my Gynecologist - Ass in the City of Grass
    UMMMM There are only 3 shows. How am i supposed to binge listen to you if there are only 3 shows... Please post more soon for you loyal fans.
  • From: Bigger Stronger Faster Cast - EPIDSODE 1 - THE NEW DOPES
    I liked the original name... lol great show guys. cant wait for more.