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  • From: Garnett on Games - Oculus Riftpocalypse
    Very strange to hear Garnett saying he likes his physical games in relation to FFX on Vita, yet recommend Steam to someone, which is all digital. Kind of a contradiction.
  • From: Garnett on Games - Oculus Riftpocalypse
    Thank you for calling out a whole bunch of entitled, whiny gamers who seem to think they should be be able to dictate the terms of a multi-billion dollar business deal because they *donated* $50. They are not entitled to anything and they are acting like spoiled children. The outrage is utterly, over-the-top, ridiculous.
  • From: Garnett on Games - We Have Titanfall
    Garnett, curious what you think about this situation. Sony are *raising* the price of the PS4 by $50 in Canada. Games are going up by $10, controllers by $5. Nintendo games are going up by $5. Xbox One third party games are going up by $10 but first party games and the console itself aren't. Has there ever been a situation where console prices have gone up AFTER launch? Do you think Canada is being unfairly targeted, since these prices increases are *not* happening in the U.S.? Why do you think companies think they can get away with this? Since all three companies are going up at the same time, and all by pretty much the same price, is there grounds for a lawsuit in terms of collusion between the big three, because it certainly seems like they have talked with each other. The price increases are happening by all three, all at the same time. Just curious to see what you think.

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