For years, I've known that I have a passion for telling stories. Every time I sit down with someone new, I aim to learn something that no one else would know, or that someone may find interesting. From there, the real challenge begins: finding the best way to get as many eyes and ears engaging with that story as possible.

My name is Dan Bahl, and I am a journalist, host, producer and content creator. I have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the greatest minds in journalism and media in the Northeast, and I am excited to bring my experience to your team.

I bring with me a well-balanced portfolio, and a strong body of work. I launched From The Bleachers (https://www.bleachersradio.com / @BleachersRadio) and grew it into a blog and podcast network. I produce the Nina's Got Good News podcast, which brings in over 30,000 yearly listeners. I am an accomplished sports broadcaster (ESPN+, Valley Blue Sox) with extensive time in media relations (Hartford Yard Goats). I am a leader (WQAQ 98.1-FM), and have been recognized for my work in organizational leadership (Quinnipiac Campus Life's Outstanding Junior Award, 2019).

You can reach me at danbahl12@gmail.com, on my portfolio website (https://www.danbahl.com), or on Twitter and Instagram, @danbahl.

Let's work together to tell your stories!