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  • From: Garnett on Games - Amazon Fire TV Could Ignite Indie Gaming
    So perhaps I'm in the minority hear but I don't agree with a lot of complaints I've been hearing in various podcasts about the $60 price tag of games. I think for the most part gamers don't pay $60 per title, that's reserved only for the games they are most excited about. For the most part I can wait a few weeks and save $10-20 on any game I want or perhaps even save a similar amount by pre-ordering. From there on out the price keeps going down to the point where people could easily pick up a title for $20. That’s also not counting people who will hunt for sales from retailers and should we even bring up Steam sales? As hobbies go gaming is actually pretty affordable with just the slightest amount of patience. The idea of spending about $60 per title really only holds true for people in position like yours where you feel obligated to be getting all the major titles the week of release.
  • From: Garnett on Games - Oculus Riftpocalypse
    So I'm following up on a comment from episode 2 about allowing/not allowing comments and I think he does have a point. At popular areas where the comment section becomes worthless or at least very difficult to navigate towards something of worth by taking away a public platform for troll comments can help the host direct the experience. An example of a website doing this is Pitchfork.. Sure it's music space and not gaming but reviews of music often bring about comments which are nothing more than a shouting match back and forth. By eliminating comments the user experience doesn't involve a single instance of trolling or shouting.

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