~Lucie is a mother, nurse, entrepreneur and the business manager of an extremely successful pediatric medical practice.  Lucie is also dyslexic.  Having grown up in the 1970’s, she did not even know that she was dyslexic until adulthood.  Now the mother of two amazing children, one of whom happens to be a brilliant dyslexic, Lucie has dedicated her time to helping other parents make amazing lives for their kids with dyslexia.

Doug is a pediatrician and a very left-brained thinker.  He is also the husband to a dyslexic and a father to a dyslexic.  Having seen the amazing success of his son in overcoming dyslexia and using it to create a fantastic life, Doug is amazed at the contrast with some of the children in his pediatric practice who struggle with dyslexia, not knowing where to turn.  As a result, Doug has teamed up with his wife to help all parents and kids with dyslexia to find the tools and strategies to have a brilliant future.

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