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  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - One Year Car Debate Anniversary - The Back Story: Episode 52
    Hey guys, great podcast! I loved learning a little more about your backgrounds and your dreams and visions for the show. I wish you all the best! I'll be with you every step of the way.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Low-Ball Appraisals; Finding A Really Good GT Car; Fix It or Mad-Max It?; Episode 47
    Whether i agree with the cars you recommend or not, you are always entertaining...lol. Loved the story about the skull faced Miata, and having sold cars for a couple years, the $300 lowball too. I'm going to put in another request for a video review of (new) lukewarm/almost hot sedans around $25-30k. Thanks guys.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Mid-Engines & Mountains - Behind the Scenes: Episode 21
    Flying goats! Lol...great stories guys...and i will definitely getting the film. Thanks for the fantastic work!
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Niche Manufacturers, German AWD cars, & Newer Hatches in Wales, UK: Episode 17
    Another great podcast! Love listening to you guys. What would you think about (especially with a name like Everyday Driver) a comparison test between more of the cars that everyday people can afford? For example...how about (new) cars in the $20-25k bracket...or in the $25k-30k region? Say, the Civic Si vs the Forte 5 turbo vs the Veloster turbo vs the Mazda 3s....or the Accord V6 vs Mazda 6 (i know there's no engine upgrade) vs Chrysler 200 V6 vs Sonata turbo? When the gods that be decide to double my paycheck i'll think about all those german cars, but a lot of people can't afford them...so personally, i'd love to hear a discussion of these! Thanks, guys.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Funding followup, S2000 vs Z, WRX vs Sedans: Episode 6
    Love the debates! I didn't realize how adblockers have affected you, so i have turned mine off for your channels. Can't wait to see what you have in store for next week!
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Horsepower, Hellcats, Leases, & Sedans: Episode 4
    Thanks for the reply, guys! I think i'll have to email you about my issues, maybe that will change a suggestion or 2. But thank you very much for talking about my dilemma and for the recognition!
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Drive+ and Oh, Canada: Episode 3
    Another great podcast! Love the multiple suggestions, especially the "wild cards".
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Ford STs, FRS, or WRX: Episode 2
    Another great debate! Love listening to your shows! If i could offer one piece of advice...a lot of people really hate iTunes (like me). You should post the links to the shoutengine and any other page where these debates are available too so you can get more listeners. Love to see you grow!
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Subaru WRX or Fiesta ST: Episode 1
    You guys are in mid-season form already! Great episode! Love that you guys discuss without arguing, listen to each other's opinions whether you agree with it or not, you're not crude so anyone can listen, but you're still enthusiastic and i can tell you love cars, etc. Can't wait to hear more. Here's my question...i'm coming off of a lease soon. I'm driving a 2012 Kia Optima SX turbo at the moment. Don't think i need that much size, ideally i'm kinda hoping they build the GT4 Stinger...but considering anything fun in the $250-300/month range for leases (with nothing down). Considering Forte 5 turbo...maybe Focus ST (not really a ford guy), maybe GTI, not really sure. Can't someone build an affordable RWD sporty car? The Toyobaru (Subayota?) twins aren't powerful enough. Turbo 4 or maybe V6? I do live in upstate NY where we get a good chunk of snow in the winters. sometimes. Had an Infiniti G in the past, but can't afford a new one. Any discussion would be awesome. Thank you!

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