I am the founder of Notes and Nerds.  My job is to carry many different hats.  I produce, edit, host, write, and more for this hobby of mine.  Notes and Nerds originally started as a YouTube video series where we did about 10 to 15 episodes per "season".  With the changes that ocurred over at Youtube, that became a bit of a different story with more and more episodes.  With podcasting, Notes and Nerds didn't really delve into those waters.  That all changes now.  Podcasts are still strong, and listened to by millions of users.  I want Notes and Nerds to be one of those podcasts you listen to.

Now, about me specifically.  I am a nerd, geek, whatever.  I love science fiction, fantasy, and horror films.  I used to watch anime, but moved away from it a bit in the last 15 or so years.  I collect video games, action figures, plush figures, statuettes, and a variety of odds and ends that are strewn about in the "office/studio".  I have also had the awesome opportunity to be an extra in two zombie films in the last couple of years.  One is currently in production.  The other is...well, I am not sure where it is out there.

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