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  • From: Strong Towns Podcast - Brainerd Council President Gary Scheeler
    /2 Scheeler says he is an investor in Brainerd and Baxter too. Here's a question I would like to ask Mr Scheeler, does he think transforming Brainerd into a more desirable, more walkable city would help or hurt those (including himself) who invest in the town? Might Brainerd build a competitive advantage, as Chuck suggests, by focusing on attracting those who want to live in a walkable city? I was born in Detroit ("the motor city") but gave up my car years ago, when I decided I would only live in walkable places. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only did I improve the quality of my life - but I also have saved maybe $5,000 - 10,000 per annum by ditching the car. It is not only poor folk who make such decisions.
  • From: Strong Towns Podcast - Brainerd Council President Gary Scheeler
    Scheeler probably means well. But... He's very inconsistent: + He wants more cars in Brainerd, but + He wants an Arborium to walk through (presumably after someone drives to get there.) He lives on a Cul-de-sac, for goodness sakes, so he clearly does not get walkability. Someone should force him to bike to work for a few summer months - like Boris Johnston, the popular mayor of London does. Maybe then, he would wake up.
  • From: Strong Towns Podcast - Can you be an engineer and speak out for reform?
    Chuck, I love your idealism. And I think that my father, and two brothers, who are all Professional Engineers might share it too. But there are far too many people in the professions that are totally selfish - asking for more money, without regard to what is good for the whole of society. That applies to Engineers, Doctors, Teachers (as you have mentioned), and beyond that: to Lawyers and politicians, certainly. And maybe also to almost everyone else, right on to welfare recipients, who take their money from the state. We can change it. We must change it. And the way to do that is to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD, and make an argument for change with facts, figures, and arguments. As you did. Your opponent, the fellow of the professional engineers association, did not do that. He never mounted any sort of decent argument for his position. He was selfish and sloppy, just like the organization he represents. It is embarrassing (for his organization), and sad too.

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