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  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 130 - god's country, ma'am
    "Financial knowledge" and "cryptocurrency investor" are mutually exclusive concepts. CC has no value to assess (or asses to value), the market is 100% irrational and manipulated by the highly dubious or outright illegal exchanges. It's like "investing" in a mob-run numbers game and then declaring yourself a financial genius if you happen to win.
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 59 - Marmaduke
    At 67:12 Alana Friedman says that Danzig does not go to the beach, and "seems like an indoor guy". Guess who is incredibly wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwerBFJ5Ceo
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 54 - New Characters
    Oh yes it is. Video is all analog on a LD. Don't try to correct the Golden Boy Of Autism.

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