Hello and welcome to my podcast :)

My name is Khiet Ngan. I am the host of Sydney Teatime and founder of Glamour World Beauty. Some of you might know me as Thao Le through my charity works for children, women, and mothers with young kids in need within the Vietnamese community.

 I love beauty and love sharing beautiful things in life. After working in the media field for more than 10 years including being the producer of the Beauty program for SBS Radio (Dep Hon Trong Mat Nhau), columnist of the Women & Lifestyles for Viet Entertainment Weekly Newspaper, radio announcer for some other local radios, and news reporter for C31 television, and SBTN, I decided to start my own podcast and my YouTube channel called Teatime (Tra Dam Voi Khiet Ngan).

 Each week we will introduce someone worth listening to share their inspirational message. Together we will share our thoughts and beautiful ideas in life with the intention to promote wellbeing and personal transformation.

 The program will be a mixture of entertaining and informative podcasts. Some will be co-hosted with my co-presenter however most will be with our guest speakers. Our guest speakers could be actors, authors, composers, singers, millionaires, martial artists… They might be from different backgrounds but will have the same intention of sharing their inspirational messages and remarkable journeys so we can learn from their experience.

 Let's do this together. Please subscribe, share if you can and enjoy.

 Khiet Ngan (Thao Le)