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  • From: Quantum Physiques 2016 - Quantum Physiques - Episode 2
    The mind muscle connection is %100 the difference between basically increasing grip strength and actually building muscle. I totally agree with the brain being completing necessary to make real gains, but come on... Both of you are not natural, or at the very least were not at some point in your life. I know from experience and being in this industry. Why not just be honest and come clean? I have always respected the people who can just honestly say to you: "Hell yeah. I'm cycling deca, test cyp and sust right now. 8 weeks in baby! How do I look?" It leads so many young kids into false hope. And then these 13-19 years olds get on gear by hanging out with these yoked up monsters when their balls haven't even dropped yet AND even worse don't build a good foundation on muscle and good form. At the gym Jeff and I go to I'm watching some young kid go through this exact situation. Sad, really. All because people can't come clean.

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