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  • From: Adventures in Celluloid - Eraserhead (1977)
    I saw ERASERHEAD when it first became a midnight movie sensation when I was in college in the late 70s. It was a stage of my life where I thought I wanted to be a famous philosopher, but it was this film that made me realize I could not. I watched it two dozen times, trying to decipher it, but could not. I never watched it again until recently and completely realized what this film is about. I found your show while searching for interpretations, but never found one that matched my own. I can tell you that this film does absolutely have a meaning and that it is beautifully and perfectly portrayed. I hope you boys figure out the films for yourselves someday and that you're still doing this show when you do. I'll be happy to hear your findings when I'm a wrinkled old man!

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