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  • From: False Neutral - The 2017 Smackdab Ride
    Good podcast! I am sad I missed this years smack dab, I would be one of the crazy Kansans turning around and riding a 1000 miles the next day. A future podcast topic would be which non touring motorcycles are comfortable at covering distance (Maybe a weight limit of under 500 lbs). I am test riding a coworkers Gen 1 KLR here in Kansas City and am amazed by the comfort under 70 mph. Keep up the good podcasting!
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Tesla Autopilot Crashes, Sports Car or Dog Hauler, and Lexifying the FR-S
    Speaking of being ashamed to be an American, I went to a brewpub last night to watch the Germany v France soccer game. It was on 1 out of 4 tv's the other 3 were playing rerun college football games. Right after the final whistle ESPN switched to a rerun of the 100th hotdog eating contest. It was like here's the best of Europe followed by what we're doing in the US.

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