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  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 73 - Late Night Boys
    I get that you think that releasing shitty content is "ironic" and what all the cool kids do. But I hope you realize that when people pay you for a fucking show, you shouldnt be proud of being a fuckup and a lazy piece of shit. You think its endearing because you have done it you're whole life but at some point I hope you figure out that it gets tiring once you get literally any kind of responsibility (which is what having a fans pay you tens of thousands of dollars a month is) its then time to actually put effort into your work. But please, piss off you're entire fan base. Hell, just start drinking again if you're such a self-loathing cunt that you intentionally sabotage the best thing you've ever created because of.. whatever it is thats inside of you that made you like this.
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 64 - Tier One
    2 things: thank you for saying fuck marvel movies. I've been over them since iron man 2. That includes Star wars and all that other shit. They're literally a cancer on society. Also hearing you wrongly guess about what 5 star generals do is not good. As a former soldier its like how you probably feel when some idiot knows like 3 things about comedy and starts trying to tell you how comedians have to have a solid 10 in order to get good spots without having to go through the open mic circuit. Or some shit, idk, what I mean to say is fuck named ranks. the ranks go E1, E2...E8, and O1,O2, etc. The only ones that are actually cool are Warrant Officers, because they can force enlisted guys call them "chief".
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 58 - A Very Adam Christmas
    Nick showing his pussy bitch side interrupting that matt yglesias story.... I GOT FUCKING BLUE BALLS YOU CUNT.
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 57 - My Wonder Woman Review
    Its easy to get Ketamine. Just go on the Dark Net Market. /r/darknetmarketsnoobs
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 40 - Valentimes

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