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  • From: The Smoking Tire - Short Lead to Late Term
    I don't know if this went through on smoking tire homepage, Matt, you should come out to Montana for the first time. Missoula for sure though; everywhere else is too... conservative-y. You could link up with John Phillips of Car & Driver for an on-the-road podcast (he lives an hour south in Darby) and Missoula is a cool city with lots of excellent beer. You would probably really like it-- as a Fairfield County-ite who also went west. Also, you could call up AEV in Missoula and test one of their builds.
  • From: Hooniverse - Bavsound Brings The Noise
    11 speakers, 200 watts, pretty excellent for the time, especially compared to a friend's base model system. I got the car used, but new it was as expensive and loaded as a 3-series wagon. Subie went after the Germans hard. But it was too pricey and styling-deficient.
  • From: Hooniverse - Bavsound Brings The Noise
    2001 Subaru Outback VDC, that and the L.L. Bean model got it for that generation. The Ford GT has an identical unit, I believe the same speaker system as well.
  • From: Hooniverse - Bavsound Brings The Noise
    Proud owner of a factory-equipped McIntosh car stereo here! (Hint: Not the Ford GT)

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