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  • From: Garnett on Games - E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference Special
    I also thought it was a pretty underwhelming conference when you consider how much of what was shown was CG. I think anyone who believes we'll see 95% of the games shown before 2015 is delusional. Did Microsoft really think Titanfall and Forza Horizon 2 would carry the system until next year? It appears so.
  • From: Garnett on Games - E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference Special
    While the idea of a Halo Collection is alluring, and Sunset Overdrive looks fun, I didn't see anything that could cajole me to buy one. I may once it gets a more fleshed out library and/or gets below $200. It doesn't appear that I would ever be buying a third party game on the system due to its inferior specs, and the exclusives just aren't compelling enough for me to spend four hundred dollars on. I AM happy to see a Kinectless sku on shelves, however. I HATED that thing.
  • From: Garnett on Games - No Lull in the Heroes of the Storm Before E3
    I have to admit that I got a chuckle out of the lamentation over the label "video game," followed by arcane acronyms like MOBA and DOTA a few seconds later. The public understands and knows what a video game is, I don't know anyone who doesn't play games who knows what a DOTA or MOBA is. In fact, I know gamers who don't know what those two are. I don't think there's an issue with the generalized term for electronic gaming when we have entire genres that defy definition.
  • From: Garnett on Games - Xbox One Dis-Kinected
    This is not so much about this episode of GoG so much as it is about your input on the topic of the removal of Kinect on John and Garnett. In that show, you seem to lament the removal of the device as being too early, but really Kinect has been around for the better part of five years now and nothing substantial has come of it. How long did you really expect Microsoft to wear that anchor around its neck, Garnett? No offense intended, but Nintendo used to come up with amazing concepts for their new controller ideas when the controller came out. The Kinect struck me as a me-too device, something built on theories instead hard concepts. For that reason alone, thank God it's gone. It has been a distraction at best, and now since all the grammas have shown they are not showing up to recreate the motion fad that was the Wii, Microsoft can get back to paying attention to people who actually buy lots of games. How is this a bad thing?
  • From: Garnett on Games - Lightning Returned
    Hello, Garnett. I am still petitioning you to talk about Titanfall since no one else in the press is. EA and Respawn will not discuss how the game sold, and when you consider some analysts were expecting the game to sell 6-10 million copies, it's not looking good. This was the game Microsoft had hinged their entire year on, and it did not help them. But that's not the whole story... the other elephant in the room that no one is talking about is that Titanfall had no single player campaign, and I wonder if the development community's insistence on focusing on the same five multiplayer modes that have been shuffled and reshuffled for three decades now is a sound one. Perhaps people WANT single-player experiences in their $60 games, no? It's a topic worth pondering, my friend. This is a VERY interesting topic, because it raises questions about how Microsoft is going fare, the industry's reliance on ill-informed previews, and Metacritic ratings, and whether single-player is as "dead" as everyone has made it out to be.
  • From: Garnett on Games - Preview Truths, Hearthstone Tips, FRACT
    I agree with a lot of your points on previews, but I feel you missed the most recent glaring example of the enthusiast press being irresponsible at best and dishonest at worst, and that example was Titanfall. I remember hearing members of the press say things like they couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the game. Really? It looks okay, but it's nowhere near a technical showpiece, nor is it the nicest-looking game on the system. Another previewer said something along the lines of (and I'm paraphrasing here) that TItanfall was a reason to buy a Xbox One. An in the end, it sold very well, but it wasn't the earth-shattering event the press seemingly devised it to be. In fact, Xbox One sales dropped month over month once Titanfall came out, and for a game that was SO hyped for so many months, from so many in the press with all the grandiose verbage, it all seemed a little underwhelming. I don't think that's a problem with the format of the preview, but of the mindset of those writing them, and I think it's intellectually dishonest that very few in the press are talking about Titanfall's success as a media darling, but failure to be the system mover and killer-app it was fashioned to be. Keep in mind, I'm not saying this is an issue with TItanfall, but one with those writing ABOUT Titanfall. There is no better evidence of this than when it came out a few weeks before launch that the game had six live players on each team and the rest were bots. Shouldn't people proclaiming something to be the "next big thing" know something so fundamentally basic about the game before making such assertions? To me, the press came off more like marketers and mouthpieces instead of journalists when it came to Titanfall. And in the end, Microsoft bundled the game for free, dropped the price temporarily of the hardware, and withheld the 360 version of the game and it didn't help the Xbox One in any way. Oddly enough, all those who declared it to be a game changer are now silent.

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