Dr. Kirk Meighoo is an author, former parliamentarian, media personality and involved in several innovative business start-ups.

Dr. Meighoo is author of Politics in a 'Half-Made Society': Trinidad and Tobago 1925-2001 and co-author of Democracy and Constitution Reform in Trinidad and Tobago with Court of Appeal Justice Peter Jamadar. Dr. Meighoo has the unique honour of being the only West Indian to have launched a book in the UK House of Commons in Westminster.

Dr. Meighoo served as an Independent Senator and also in various governmental capacities, including Vice-Chair of the Constitutional Reform sub-committee of the Vision 2020 process, and on the President's Committee for National Self-Discovery.

Dr. Meighoo formerly lectured at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Jamaica, and was a founder of the University of Trinidad and Tobago. He has been ranked in the Top 0.5% of academics searched in the world on the website  His scholarly articles on Trinidad and Tobago politics and Caribbean development have been published in The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, Keesing’s Annual Register (First edited in 1758 by Edmund Burke), Jane’s Sentinel, among others.

He has appeared in extensively on radio, television and newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, on the BBC, in the New York Times, Mauritius and Singapore, in addition to addressing various United Nations and Commonwealth bodies.