Dragon the Dirt Show

It's Dragon the Dirt show! We talk politics and question why government even exists.  Stay tuned for funny stories and wild discussion.  It will make your head spin.  :)

KMFBZ Evil Genius

Recorded live in a hollowed-out volcano, it's KMFBZ Evil Genius: half Dr. Evil, half Doc Brown with a little Victor Frankenstein thrown in. A science and tech show that is a fun, entertaining, and informative nerdfest. 

KMFBZ Native Pride

Hey.  My name is Johnny Blackfeather and I got a new show.  I get really ripped and record some whitey music and stuff like that over der. My squaw might even might make a special appearance.  I have no idea what's goin' on with her lately.  Anyways... check it out.  I play some music that all you whiteys really like.  What the hell else do you want me to say?  

KMFBZ News Radio

I’ve got movies!  I've got music!  I've got news!  I've got interviews with Hollywood filmmakers!  I've got it ALL!  KMFBZ news radio is ON THE AIR!


Say hello to Vincent the Dragon! He's bringing back the magic of OLD SCHOOL RADIO!  No commercials, no annoying filler, just AWESOME music!  The cool dragon with the shades plays everything -- metal, rock, jazz, blues, etc.  He even throws in classic movie and TV clips!  Be sure to tune in TODAY! You won't regret it! :)  Stay tuned folks! 

KMFBZ Trippy Hippy Dippy Show

Captain Spacecase here, bro.  Oh wow man.  The colors!  I'm trippin' on this stuff dude.  Check out my show.  It's freaky man.  My girl Paisley Pam might even show up.  Don't be uptight, check it out bro.

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