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  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Winter Driving Tips; Fun Commuter for Paul in Ogden, UT; Missed Performance Potential
    I would like to issue a word of caution about engine braking with an automatic (in the snow). I live in Northern Alberta and have a lot of experience with this. I would say that automatic transmission engine braking is something that should be left to the experienced driver. In a manual transmission you can use the clutch to terminate the engine braking effect if it becomes too strong, and the car breaks traction. In an auto if you force a downshift and the car looses traction, recovering the car is much more difficult. You've just initiated a lock-up and lost your means of ending it. The driver is now left to add throttle to gain traction, which is not what we want. What's more likely is that the average driver is panicking at this point, and laying on the brake. I would leave this maneuver to those who are quite skilled with their vehicle and understand fully the consequences of doing this, and how to recover the vehicle if it goes wrong. I do this on occasion. I would advise my mother and wife against it. ......but I love the show.

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