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  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 216 - Shaubat U Suck Me Off
    I'm about 90% certain a friend took her life recently. She's removed all possible forms of contact, so I don't know for sure. It sucks for me, but it definitely sucks more for her. One thing I know is that if she's still going, she listens to this podcast. Could you give a lil shout out or something? The only name I have for her is Tree. We'd been chatting shit for almost a year before she vanished, and she was very careful to not send me any information I could use to RAT HER OUT to social services. Just something like, Tree if you're out there you better be ok. Hide it or whatever if you want. Hell maybe she'll see this comment. But you know. 90% sure she's left us. Thanks. I know you guys were very important to her and source of joy in her life. I'm not crying. -Lachlainn

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