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  • From: The Smoking Tire - The greatest Lexus RC F podcast... in the world.
    Tracer :(
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Doppelgängers
    Also, I watch videos on Amazon Prime because they have a different selection than Netflix, and it is included with Prime. I'd gladly buy a show from you, I really loved All Cars Go to Heaven, it was easily worth the $4.50 or whatever. Your podcast keeps me sane at work, that's worth $25 or whatever for a "season" of videos.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Doppelgängers
    Whenever I start watching your videos, I click on the first ad I see, just because I try to do my part to support you guys. I would join your t-shirt club, but I need a 3x to be comfortable. Is there anything else we could be doing to show our support of TST?
  • From: Hooniverse - Hooniverse Gold Subscription Plan
    Oh wait, $4/month? lol Oh no, I have to skip Dunkin Donuts once a month.
  • From: Hooniverse - Hooniverse Gold Subscription Plan
    So I'm not big on pod casts, I usually don't sit still long enough to listen to them, I however listened to this fully. I'm one of the people who "don't comment" because I like it, I watch, I subscribe, I like and I move out. Anyone who wants to complain and bitch about "Why are they charging us for the content they have been making for us?!" Grow up people, the internet has not there for your own personal enjoyment for free. If you like something, support it. I will gladly subscribe to /Drive+ because their content is enjoyable and seriously, It's what? $8/month? That's a little much for just one thing when compared to say Netflix, but 2-4 new videos a month that will now have a larger budget than the videos we've already been getting for free? Yeah sign me up.

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