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  • From: Urban Spirituality - The Soul Knows - Intuition Revisited with Sneha Ramji - The Soul Whisperer
    In this episode of Urban Spirituality, we meet Reiki Master, Chakra Specialist, Life Coach and Soul Healer, Sneha Ramji. Sneha brings 20+ years of wisdom accrued through hardship, adversity and poverty. She shares how she overcame depression, debt, bullying and other life challenges, through transformative, straightforward yet effective techniques that can be adopted successfully to busy urban lifestyles. You can apply these lessons at any stage of your life to bring about positive, meaningful and lasting change. Some of the areas explored here include: deepening intuition, embracing failure & mistakes, self honesty, confronting the inner tiger, overcoming adversity, journalling as a means to personal transformation, meditation, energy healing techniques such as Reiki with work on Chakras, the concepts of Dharma and Karma and their effect on our behaviour patterns, and more.

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