Bhavna Srivastava is the founder & CEO of Bhavna’s Wellness Group in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Her calling to serve, empower, inspire, awaken and heal has led her in creating the Wellness Center. She is a Transformational Coach, Spiritual Leader, Trainer & Transformational Speaker, Mentor, NLP Practitioner, Best-selling author of 2 books on transformation and healing traumas and relationships. She’s also a certified Community Health Worker, Patient Navigator and is certified by Livestrong training for Cancer. She is a Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Scheim Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer and The Golden Light Goddess (passionate, nurturer, motherly, empowering) Bhavna’s mission is to create a ripple effect of love in the hearts of 100 million women, children, men & veterans, which would lead to peace in families, communities and the world; replacing anger, hurt, pain, traumas, ptsd, negative emotions, fears, sickness, illness, ill treatments, mental/emotional/physical /sexual abuse and much more. She provides healing at the core level both spiritual and physical to those who are suffering from an illness or looking for a way to move forward and be un–stuck in their life’s journey or purpose. She does this through one on one, group classes, workshops and retreats all over the world. She is a compassionate & powerfully strong leader, courageous, honest being with integrity and love for all. Her vision is to create a holistic center with the collaboration of like-minded beings all over the world to create balance in mind, body, heart & soul. She is being called and looked by people as a Great Being here to awaken the Consciousness of Love & peace. She is an exemplar of force of spreading love & Peace within the hearts of all those she connects with. She Lives compassionately doing the work for the vision shown to her by the Divine every single day.

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