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  • From: Strong Towns Podcast - Loose Ends
    I'm really talking about it in the sense that it makes sense to own it at a certain price. If I buy a $200,000 home instead of renting, I'm deciding that it is an investment worth owning. I may not expect it to appreciate and maybe I even think it would depreciate, but I must believe that I would have more for my money in the end than in paying someone else who owns it rent for the same property. In the sense that is a investment, people who own homes are not aware of the massive liability they have assumed -- or are dependent on others meeting -- in order for that calculation to work out. If they were aware of that, many homes would be worthless (because they are).
  • From: Strong Towns Podcast - Loose Ends
    Eli, my friend....your points (1) a house is not an investment and (2) a house lasts many generations just can't be reconciled for me. Those seem incompatible assertions.
  • From: Strong Towns Podcast - Show 200 Q&A
    Thanks Seth. I've had Kuhn's work sitting on my desk for at least five years and never pulled the trigger. I know I need to. Thanks for the push and the feedback.

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