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  • From: Rolled Spine Podcasts - [The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast 80] The Coming of Red Wolf!
    I remember reading the original Red Wolf’s debut in Avengers, he looked amazing, what with the big pet. And I tried a couple of issues of Occupy Avengers, but it was rubbish. I’ve never really got into Marvel’s Western books, so far as the Man of Two Worlds’ trope is concerned, I’ll take DC’s Scalphunter any day. If you don’t have Red Wolf in stereotyped cowboy movie costume, you ain’t got nuthin’ - I want the loincloth! The cowboys can be Village People types too, for cheese parity. The modern look in his own comic (‘Injun Baby!’) was horrid, his mask looked like a Davy Crockett hat gone wrong.
  • From: Silver & Gold Podcast - 25: Past Imperfect
    Another great episode. I get so nostalgic looking at those old Booster Gold comics, and I was so pleased when he got that new haircut - sharp! Nice chat about FaRoCA #2 - so do you reckon Prof Hathaway is related to Hartley Rathaway, the Pied Piper, what with the shared Central. City setting and Cary Bates on board?
  • From: DC Bloodlines Podcasts - The DC Bloodlines Podcast: You May Call Me Doctor Mist!
    Thanks for another un-Mist-able episode. Dr Mist doesn't bother me in the least as a stereotype, most everyone in comics was back then - he's the stereotype of a 7000-year-old magician. I liked the music, but it didn't seem to fit the story or his character, and it was a tad distracting, especially given the accent you were putting on (how come you fret about doing a cod-Asian accent but not a cod-African one?). How about a sequel with some Primal Force talk?
  • From: Silver & Gold Podcast - 24: The Tomorrow Run
    Very nice episode. I'll pass on Booster as I've not read that issue since it came out. I did read Captain Atom this week and enjoyed it. The characterisations were good, even if we don't know which versions of some of the characters we have. Mind, an interview I read indicated that this mini-series is something of a course correction to the New 52 version so I expect we'all have the post-Crisis look before long. I do hope so! What are you two doing pronouncing 'Eiling' differently to me, it's obviously 'Eye-ling'? Feel free to re-record the relevant sections. I reckon that by the time Nathaniel meets Dr Megala again the scientist will have been somewhat shrunken as an after-effect of the energy blast that sent our hero into the past. Speaking of which, has he ever quantum-jumped in that direction previously? I don't recall such an occurrence. Excellent theory about Nathaniel re-fathering Peggy and Randy, that would be great but hopefully they'll get new names ... 'Peggy' was hopelessly archaic even in the Eighties and 'Randy', well, >snicker<. I'd love the post-Crisis history to be restored, complete with Plastique marriage. I'm not keen on the tweaked logo (did you ever notice Marvel nicked that for Carol Danvers a couple of years back, they even used it to promote the film?), the atom symbol is lost on that 'O', as well as being too on the nose. I do hope the transmutation powers go, I've never liked them, he's powerful enough without stepping into Firestorm's territory. It's great to have Bates and Weisman back, they were so underrated as a team, while Will Conrad is a superb artist. As for Ivan Nunes's colour work, it's astonishingly good; if someone isn't offering him an exclusive, they're missing a trick.

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