Michael Sherfick, an Indianapolis IN native, is the Founder and CEO of Sherfick Companies is a family owned real estate development and construction business with extensive experience in commercial and residential construction and design. Michael and Gabby Sherfick team up on the designs and Gabby takes care of all the important finishes that attract clients and home buyers from all around the globe. Gabby is also a licensed real estate agent and takes care of the majority of those business relations. For more information on Sherfick Companies, fans can visit: www.sherfickcompanies.com or follow along on Instagram @sherfickcompanies and @rusticrealestate.

Previously, Michael S. Sherfick served as Executive Vice President at Indiana Life Sciences, Inc. as the Executive Vice President for Indiana Life Sciences, Inc, running day-to-day operations of 2 divisions. Upon retiring from his career in the military, he transitioned into the civilian lifestyle by starting his own company. His skill set includes, but is not limited to, developing products from inception, planning strategic goals for businesses, and developing innovative marketing strategies for start-ups. By utilizing his innate abilities and knowledge capabilities, he was able to successfully build, construct, and grow a prosperous business entity.

Michael S. Sherfick
Indianapolis, Indiana 

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