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  • From: Garnett on Games - We Have Titanfall
    Great show Mr. Lee! I'm glad to hear everyone else agrees, glad you're getting good reviews. I just got the Titanfall Xbox One bundle because I can't wait any more, plus I got a tax refund so that helped, and I'm liking all the updates the Xbox One is getting recently. I was also really digging switching from Titanfall to Forza 5 super fast as I have both of those digitally. Ran in some installation problems with Forza 5, I had to wait for stuff to install, but it was super cool to start playing when the download was going. Game Art & Design graduate, I'll follow you, GT Spybreaker.
  • From: Garnett on Games - Garnett on Games debuts!
    The NPR of gaming podcasts. Is that too much? Hahaha, I really liked the new start!

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