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  • From: Quantum Physiques 2016 - Quantum Physiques - Episode 2
    Being in the industry for over 10 years, having seen what people take, how they train, who really is natural and who isn't, there's only one truth to bodybuilding: If you put in the work, you'll get results. As for the substances you mentioned, that's all internet talk. I've been speaking the truth for years, but I can't convince anyone to listen. Come train with me for a week. Now multiply that by about 20 years and you'll know exactly how much work it takes to look the way I do. -JeffTheProducer
  • From: Quantum Physiques 2016 - Old School Quantum Physiques!
    A classic episode of Quantum Physiques, courtesy of Brian Cunningham, Jeff The Producer & MuscleTalkRadio.Com! Be sure to check out our all new radio show on JTPRomano.Com - The JTP & Romano Show - with Jeff The Producer and John Romano!