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  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Paul's Debate Cont'd, Inconsistent Buying Resources, Your Next Track Car: Episode 44
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Paul's Debate Cont'd, Inconsistent Buying Resources, Your Next Track Car: Episode 44
    I think one car that was maybe missed for craig could be the new Shelby GT350 and GT350R. They've been priced incredibly affordable, with a 350 starting at 49,995 including destination and such, and the GT350R starts at 63,495. http://www.hpkings.com/ford-will-price-2016-gt350-47870-gt350r-at-61370/
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Golf R vs WRX STi + Magnacharger C7
    Here's the thread: http://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c6-z06-discussion/2796876-cobra-misano-installed-into-z06-retaining-power-tracks.html
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Golf R vs WRX STi + Magnacharger C7
    Hey Chris, if you're considering the Recaro Sportster CS for your C6 you should definitely have a look at the Cobra Misano, they're absolutely gorgeous and provide very similar levels of support, at a very similar price. https://www.cobraseats-usa.com/sports/cobra+misano+30th+anniversary I believe there's a thread of them mounted in a C6 Z06 on LS1 tech or similar.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Car Debate for Paul; Modern Cars or Project Cars?: Episode 41
    This is an oddball but you can get a GT-R in Canada (used) with low miles for ~65,000 CAD which is about ~54,000 USD
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Mustang Ecoboost Shoot, Cars for Girlfriends, Realizing You Can Buy A Sportscar: Episode 40
    Great idea with the Fast Blast series, sounds like something similar to Farah's One Take series except of course of much higher quality video, etc. Also you can get an E90/E92 M3 for around 40,000 USD, 20K miles, manual, etc. Seems like a good buy, fast, fun, sexy. Here's one I found after just a few minutes of searching http://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/627981783/overview/#1
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Broken Vocals and Runway Racing
    I believe you mean *Japanese classics :P
  • From: The Smoking Tire - I woke up in an old Bugatti
    A 12C for 110K?? I've never seen one below 150K, really though? Could I see a link or something? Because that's insane.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - 2500+ HP
    Also as an amendment, Liberty Walk's wide body kit for all Challenger models is $4800, and I would be shocked if that didn't provide sufficient room for 315s all around. (If you're into that kind of style)
  • From: The Smoking Tire - 2500+ HP
    I wonder how much better tires would improve the Hellcat (Challenger and Charger)? I mean standard PZero's are not a good high performance tire by today's standards. In the OE size you could go for a Sport Comp-2s but those aren't that amazing. However if you could theoretically fit a 315/35/20 all around (which in the back I'm sure is fine, front clearance would be the issue, but perhaps with custom offsets) then it would maintain the stock sidewall height and you could get huge Michelin PSS rubber (in K1 or K2 Ferrari compounds) or even g-Froce Rivals. That would certainly transform the grip of the car.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Pajero Slingshot
    No worries. I was so confused for the longest time. D3PE builds some beasts though, I think they've got a 1000 WHP gen 5 viper coming up soon.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Pajero Slingshot
    82:55 Chris that's the wrong D3! D3 Cadillac and D3 Engineering are totally different companies! D3 Eng are the ones who built that SRT8 not D3 Cadillac, it's quite confusing that they have nearly identical names though.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Autozam Infatuation
    I agree with you there. They sound really cool too with a full supersprint exhaust, it's a little pricey though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctSYwtD09vg Plus obviously as it's a 3er you have so much left in the chassis to play with, some sticky tires and sways on there and you're suddenly pestering M3s and getting easily twice the fuel econonmy.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Autozam Infatuation
    No problem. In your search I hope you stumble upon some of the crazier diesel 3L builds, there's some crazy eastern European one that is lime rock orange with hybrid turbos and is cranking out 400+ WHP (supposedly) and rolls coal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHNv5RQWY-Y
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Autozam Infatuation
    Chris, it seems like you're the most in the know about tuning of TST's group. I too have looked at a 335d and ECU tune, and while renntech is a really good option, I would highly recommend you check out a JBD. Lots of bigger tuners like to slag them JB tuners as piggy backs, etc, but the results speak for themselves. On the 3L BMW diesel gains of 60~ RWHP and 100+ RW lb-ft, not to mention their N54 tuning, in which JB4s are used to tune all the fastest 3Ls. And of course it is all reversible just like a full ECU tune. I'd just check it out, huge gains and a fair price.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - I swear I'm not creepy.... Scarin' Maron
    Is it just me or is there some serious echo going on with the audio? Wondering if it's an issue on my end or something.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Everyday Consistency
    Yeah, I get that, sorry didn't want to sound bitchy. I was just saying it was pretty amusing how loud and sharp it came in. Very good podcast as always though!
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Everyday Consistency
    That fucking censorship was hilariously aggressive, A) we know Matt likes to get high before the podcast B) we know there is a new show coming to /drive and we just don't know the name!
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Return from Pebble, HRE Wheels and Mike Musto
    Hey! They read my question about ADV.1. A guy at a local shop who carries both ADV. 1 and HRE was pushing ADV. 1s on me, to which I said they were bullshit wheels, but he said they were of similar quality... I knew he was full of shit. I wonder how Alan and Patrick would feel knowing that even some of their own licensed distributors are pushing garbage right along side their wheels... Probably not good.
  • From: HayesData - Sprint can record you but you can't record them.
    Damn that was funny. Did you tell them you were recording the call or do they have some call monitoring system?
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Drive+ and Oh, Canada: Episode 3
    08, 09, 2010 C4S for 50K?? Bah. No way in hell! An 06 C4S will go for around 50, certainly no 997.2 cars. Or I would have one. In Canada I looked at getting a '09 C4S, 80-90K is the common price for those cars. Nowhere near 50.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Subaru WRX or Fiesta ST: Episode 1
    So my question is, I've got about 85K CAD to spend, so 70,250 in the U.S. after taxes, exchange etc. And am looking for a summer sports car that I can just throw up on my lift during the winter. I am looking at both used and new cars, trying to go under 30-35,000 miles for a used vehicle. Here are pretty much my only restraints: I love a manual transmission as well, so if that's an option I'll opt out of the auto, and I don't like convertibles, I'll only buy a coupe or targa. And also my spouse won't allow me to buy anything American, so no C7 or C6 ZR1, and also, she despises the GT-R's looks, so I can't get one of those. This car is pretty much supposed to be a toy that I can drive everyday during the summer, but should inclement weather occur I'll just keep it at home and have no issues. I also looked at a supercharged Ariel Atom, so really, nothing is off the table. But you should know that I'm importing it into Canada, so a few cars aren't allowed over the border, like Lotus', Caterham, etc.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Subaru WRX or Fiesta ST: Episode 1
    My top 3 fantasy garage would have to be: Koenigsegg Agera R (or One:1) Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe + Brabus equipment (when it comes out) (Cannot decide between this or a Rolls-Royce Wraith, would probably go S65 though) '63 Split Rear Window Stingray, full resto-mod/pro-touring, maybe, have the body on a shortened C7 chassis or something like that. Equipped with a built LS7, maybe even stroked/bored to 7.3-7.5L. All naturally aspirated.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Biscuits and Glory
    Why does it sound like shit? - (troll face)
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Stage Florida and La Ferrari vs McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918 with a dash of Lamborghini Huracán
    Haha, ok, makes sense. Good podcast BTW!
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Stage Florida and La Ferrari vs McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918 with a dash of Lamborghini Huracán
    I thought the Notchback was called the "5 Liter Heater", no?
  • From: The Smoking Tire - E3, Garnett Lee, Infiniti Q60 and Amazon Sybian Fulfillment
    Yeah it's Continental ContiForceContact, they're street/track tires.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Turbos, Bitcoins and Rallying
    Nice episode. I would like to tell Matt, the "6L V12" in the Vanquish/V12V/DB9/etc. is actually only 5.934L, because since it's 2 little duratecs both displacing 2.967L it adds up a bit under :P
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Prelude: All Cars Go To Heaven
    Am I the only one noticing at the start they said the GC was like 2/3 of a Range, but by the end of the trip the thing was totally fucked.... Huh.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Car & Journal
    Great episode. Loved hearing the corporate talk. Nice to get some educated opinions and different views.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Westbound and Down
    I would totally agree with you, and him that there were many valid points. But I can tell a slag of the competition when I hear it, and it really turns me off a person when they go out of their way to make others look bad. Pointing out flaws is one thing, that was another. Kind of saw the same thing with Mr. Dinan, the way he bashed his competitors was very low brow, it's a good thing his products are so high quality. Honestly I would also totally agree with that statement, if the Huracan wasn't a thing. I loved the Gallardo, especially the LP560/570 gen 2 cars, the styling was insane, crazy, beautiful, they were loud, inspired and drew attention. The Huracan, I've seen one in person, just isn't that exciting to look at. It could almost be an R8 replacement if it had a different nose and taillights. It's just so bland, where as the 650S in my opinion looks simply amazing. I don't love the rear, but the front is a stunner no question. And now they offer it with crazy colours and a loud exhaust too. Up here a Huracan is ~260 base, a 650S is around ~280. Apologies to Lamborghini but it is not even a comparison, the 650S fixed all that was wrong with the 12C (The sound, styling, name (to a lesser extent)), and improved upon it's already nutty performance.. So TL;DR: 650S, faster, better looking, comparable sound, very easily daily drive-able/easy to show off Huracan: bland styling, bland name, awesome sound, easy DD as well, but slower and far more common Same price. I'd go for the less common, higher performance, more interestingly styled and attention grabbing car. Your opinion on the matter?
  • From: The Smoking Tire - The Fixer
    Good episode. Excited for Harris!
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Westbound and Down
    Vinny Russo has a boner for hating on McLaren. Talk about SCARED of the competition haha.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Vulgar Review of Power
    I agree that it does need more power, but I think the only reason a lot of people feel so is because other cars like the A45 and M235i make it feel slow out of the corners. I however think it was far better that they focused on the chassis and significantly improving it rather than just re-engineering the power output.. I agree that we will hopefully see a new powerplant relatively soon, and I hope they will maintain the larger displacement of the EJ257 that makes it so torquey and fun to drive around in lower speeds. Hopefully a mid-cycle refresh brings a wagon version, as I would 100% purchase one, but for now I hate how the sedan looks. From the side it's a ricer's Camry.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Vulgar Review of Power
    At the end, when they are talking about why it's so impossible to get changes done, but before they were talking about needing an HP bump in the WRX, hahaha. :P
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Vulgar Review of Power
    The reason why they haven't bumped the HP in the new STi is emissions. A stock WRX or STi with the 2.5L runs lean as all hell, if you get a bad tank of gas you will easily get knock even on the stock tune. They lean it out to make it emissions OK, I have a tuned '10 WRX (Cobb) and even just with the OTS map it's so much smoother and considerably safer in low RPM.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - McLaren P1 vs. Porsche 918
    Funnily TFL Car has 200K subs on youtube, and TFL Truck has around 40-50K :P
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Krautwerk
    So while I totally respect his opinion, and he is way WAY more knowledgeable than me, Mr. Dinan on the F30 328i vs 320 I have to disagree on getting the 328i if you can. The only difference (that has any effect on power delivery, transmission, or any drivetrain component) is the tune on the car, and the axle back is 15mm smaller on 320 vs 328 (60 vs 75mm). So you can pocket that 5 grand, or put it back into the car, which will get you a LOT. Bilstein coilovers, BMS JB4 tuner, BMS 4" downpipe... All of that can be purchased and installed for sub 5K and it will put down about 330 BHP and handle way better.

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