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  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 107 - Rubiks tube
    Shut up fag
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 107 - Rubiks tube
    betdsi ads seem beneath u nick. why not stick to innocuous shit like overpriced underwear and razor blade subscriptions? or better yet, how about have no ads b/c this pod is already an ad for the 400k patreon please nobody call me a fag or soy boy for saying this, it will hurt my feelings, thanks
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 103 - easily the worst episode in awhile
    When the topic first came up I was on Adam's side because I never really thought about it. 5 seconds later on google "According to statistical data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the top 1% had an adjusted gross income of $465,626 or higher for the 2014 tax year." Not sure why it needed to be half the podcast
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 54 - New Characters
    laser disc isn't analog you dumb fuck

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