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  • From: The Smoking Tire - Bartering
    Matt ship over your car to EricTheCarGuy, he own similar vintage fox platform Fairmont project car in final stage of finishing. He is as legit as they come with more than 10 years experience as mechanic and owns a shop. He has a youtube channel with above mentioned name for you to do a research before you decide. Give him the car tell him to put over 1000 miles on it and he will sort all the problems for the reasonable price with quality work.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Trailer Time
    This more like it ,worth my time to listen to. nice podcast guys..
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Straight from E3 w/ Dan Greenawalt on Forza Horizon 3
    I'm not criticizing , just telling you how i feel. If I offendend you in any way, I apologize firsthand. You are still my favourite Auto journalist to date.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Straight from E3 w/ Dan Greenawalt on Forza Horizon 3
    I been listening to your podcast for over 2 years now, and by far this is the worst ever. This whole podcast sounded like big marketing promotion pitch from begining to end and i just skipped most over it. I get it Forza is your sponsor and you got bills to pay, but is it worth it letting him exploiting you so much and losing your regular listeners. I'm here to listen to you talk abaut your life with cars, your opinions on them and your ownership experiences. I'm not a video game geek, at least not a regular one, people that have cars have no time for video game. This whole Forza thing good for 15min at most, not 90 minutes. Please matt do not have him back at your show again.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Mostly BS
    I was most anticipating subject on wheel curb rash damage protection in conversation but nothing shows up. i hope you guys will discuss it next podcast.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Mostly BS
    10k for fenders !? thats equal to 1.2 Million Japanese Yen 6,800 Paund sterling ( ENOUGH to buy used E39 M5 ) 622,350 Indian Rupee ( ENOUGH to buy a village ) 9,369 Euro ( ENOUGH to buy 10 day vacation in cruise liner araund europe ) 6,2064 Chinese Yuan ( ENOUGH to buy a hause , wife and donkey ) I dont wannna say you get ripped off, but i believe you get ripped off.

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