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  • From: Garnett on Games - E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference Special
    When Garnett said Dungeon Master, he means Dungeon Keeper. Dont mess with Dungeon Master since 1987!
  • From: Garnett on Games - Gamers Who Watch Dogs
    Garnett pleas, add some non Facebook pleas, where pleas could send their ideas.. Because half of population as me, i will never use Facebook.
  • From: Garnett on Games - PAX East and Ferraris
    I like this podcast in generally, but now i have only two complaints - Wensday launch day, i think isnt good idea, this stuff is good at end of week period and in middle, i have not too much time and when im waiting is outdated. (I think that download numbers would be lesser.) Second is ferrari stuff, sorry man, but it was cheap..
  • From: Garnett on Games - Amazon Fire TV Could Ignite Indie Gaming
    I now paying usualy 7-8E per game, because im buying primary on Steam and i there is very few games, which i realy need to play in first months, maybe 3-5 per year, so median of price for me is now $5 and it because todays game arent worthy bigger price. Yes im buying lots of games per year maybe 80-100. All above is for PC games. In case of console games have buying maybe 15 exculusive titeles per year and tehre is average price arround 15E. So im looking at text above my game revenue is 700 + 150 E per year + gaming HW.

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