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  • From: The Smoking Tire - Return of the ICON
    @84:00 cashmere?
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Stanceworks and the Old Young Man
    "What does it take to get young people into vintage racing?" Having the money to buy vintage racecars, lol
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Caswellian prelude to Thailand
    Bill's modular engine is actually a really smart idea. There's more of a market than just him, I'm sure
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Bartering
    Hope it's not an input bearing in the transmission! Just started making noise on my R53. Speaking of which, I learned to wrench on my Mini when a shop quoted me upwards of $5k for various repairs last year. Including tools, it cost me $1500 to fix.....unless you're getting $40-50k of "BBI credit," it's not worth the trade.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Roads Untraveled
    Why don't you just put the Million Mile Lexus on Turo or something? Might be a way to be less "over your head?" Would love too see the Lexus on All Cars :)
  • From: Hooniverse - What's your DRIVETRIBE?!
    Just took my 2003 Mini Cooper S in to the dealer for a power steering recall. Even though I had other hoses leaking, they gave me a brand new pump and fan, with no other "recommended" services. Chris is right, I think if you go in and talk to a manager, they'll take care of you. I did subframe bushings, steering rack, & lower control arms without a press on the MINI myself...the DIY's on the forum were more than sufficient, and I was able to make do with a bench vice...and I'm a 20 year old who basically learned to work on cars on this MINI. BTW, if Zach looks into INPA coding on the BMW forums, he would be able to activate/deactivate hidden dealer-only comfort/convenience features. On my MINI, you can: Code in the car to roll down windows/convertible top with a long-hold of the unlock button on the key Enable double-blink turn signals, flashing tail lights Auto-Up Windows Disable door chime, seatbelt chime and more! Definitely something for an enthusiast to look into.
  • From: Hooniverse - Oh Canada, you bring delicious beer
    Liquid Yellow R53 owner here! Best car a 20 year old could have, honestly. Come join us over at NorthAmericanMotoring, we're always happy to help with recommendations!! Preventative maintainance/oil leak elimination (in order of importance): PowerFlex LCA Bushings, Ball Joints, Belt Tensioner, Timing Chain Tensioner, Oil Pan Gasket, Valve Cover Gasket, Crankshaft Position Sensor O-Ring, Motor Mounts, Thermostat/Housing, Spark Plug Wires, clean off the rust on the coil pack terminals (especially cylinder 3), ATi Super Damper Easy cheap mods: Operation Vacuum Gain System (VGS): The most interesting all cheap power mods. Essentially free, adjusts how S/C bypass valve operates by using fuel regulator pressure. Boost comes on instantly, and at like 2000rpm instead of 3500. http://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/how-to/38268-drivetrain-operation-vacuum-gain-system-vgs.html One Ball Exhaust http://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/drivetrain-cooper-s/23789-your-mcs-exhaust-reference-thread-videos-sound-clips-etc.html Supercharger Pulley https://www.reddit.com/r/MINI/comments/1n8v3b/just_had_my_r53_fitted_with_a_15_pulley_and_dynod/ Alta Adjustable Short Shifter Good luck!
  • From: Hooniverse - #PlayaForLife
    Ever driven a 2002-2006 Mini Cooper 6 speed? Another really nice gearbox in a cheap car. Almost-gated feeling, really notchy.
  • From: Hooniverse - Poke me man... go!
    Cross-country drug run: Anything slow, awkward and bright yellow (i.e Mini Cooper, VW Beetle, PT Cruiser).
  • From: AMMO NYC - Podcast 16: Best Interior Detailing Tips from 4 PRO'S
    #bringjoeback #hilarious
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Pikey Pressure
    One of the best podcasts to date, IMO. Especially Zack's segment on TJ and Rally North America! I had no idea it was seriously affordable--count me in for next year!!! My girlfriend and I just did our own little rally this summer in my '03 R53 that we rebuilt together, I wish I knew it was so cheap..we would've gone
  • From: The Smoking Tire - King of Beaters - Rob Ferretti
    Dude...I live like 20 minutes away from the shooting range you guys are talking about (Ben Avery, right?) It's literally like a half mile strip where people shoot guns at things. I'm going to find that damn Mercedes.

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