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  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Hauling Moose Parts; Permission To Buy A 911; What’s Too Much Horsepower?
    You guys continue to impress with your attention to detail and conscientious approach to both your craft and your audience. Unbelievable suggestions for so many reasons (just paddling the river of thought included in my of Amazonian email is unbelievable!)! And Paul nailed it: Todd, I have a mint Evo to sell you at a basement-price of 27k (to include the post-purchase upgraded OEM Nav unit and Enkei Kojin rims with sweet summers and the OEMs with winters). And I know you love that car...shoot your reviews of it over the years are half the reason I own it!! C'mon man, you know it's the only way I'm gonna be able to pull the trigger on the car you guys know I need to buy... You guys are the best. Thank you. (1256 characters left even!)

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