Some time ago, a man had a vision. He wanted to create a website and podcast network to allow unique voices to communicate. He wanted to take chances, to come up with a few premises and ideas that the listener and/or reader has never seen, and to be consistently entertaining day after day. Then, that man figured out there already was one such website. It's called "Grantland" and sports writer Bill Simmons started it. It is--well, it was--a fabulous site (ESPN, in the midst of a fallout and parting of ways with Mr. Simmons, shut it down in late 2015).

Since a sports and pop culture-tinged mixed media site already existed, the creators of State-Lines decided to more-less rip it off. That’s right, the brilliant minds of Adam and Jarrett started their own Grantland! Consider it an homage. There is one distinct difference: while Grantland featured “a murderer’s row” of voices that included best selling authors and Pulitzer Prize winners, State-Lines features… the people!  Instead of an all-star team, we have a roster of everymen and women (YOU, too, can become a contributor). But that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to offer. On the pages of State-Lines.com, you will see commentary on sports, music, movies, and anything else that interests us. All we ask is that you listen, read, enjoy, and maybe interact a little. Thanks for checking us out!