Martial Travel, is a podcast about progression and determination to move forward for the better both physically and spiritually, allowing the listeners to understand the idea of traveling while integrating martial art practices. 

Hi my name is Umar Latif, i my self have traveled parts of the world, meeting and greeting many people, from different cultures and background, that have help to open my point of view of the world and what  can be driven from the adventures while traveling, my personal experience was integrated within martial arts and traveling, that had opened my mind to new possibilities, from running 5-10k in each country, city or town i visit, training the movement of my body in different environments be it the bitter cold of northers china, or the heats on the Australia outbacks. 

Over the period of time traveling has shown the greatest effect in the smallest about of time, to walking along path you have never come across the first time, to hear sound that would cause an emotional stir within yourself. Allowing martial arts to help control and guid the body further in its development where both mind and body are in sync. 


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