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  • From: Garnett on Games - Amazon Fire TV Could Ignite Indie Gaming
    Hi Garnett, awesome show! You had a "whats up with golf games!?" segment this week and here are my two cents. I've played since age 6, golf leagues, played on high school team, etc but remain an avid golfer through my late 20s and can provide a little perspective why the latest iterations of Tiger Woods, Hot Shots, etc haven't appealed to me. One listener was spot on - the games became too ridiculous with weird career modes and fantasy players. But developers are missing what makes golf so unique over any other spot - physics and scenery. Meticulously detailed courses, vast vistas and surroundings combined with the uncertainty of not knowing what may come from each shot is what makes golf so great. Take your Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy... none will hit a shot that is 100% exactly like the last. The mechanics of recent golf games are far too repetitive and simplistic to sustain my interest. There needs to be a greater challenge and there needs to be substantial improvements in the ball physics engine and dynamics of the course itself. Balls don't just hit either a) grass b) sand or c) cart paths. They hit soft grass, wet grass, dry/sandy grass... and all affect the balls roll, bounce, and ultimate ending location. Mastering the mechanics of your swing, club impact, and the course itself it what makes the game so wonderful to me. Hopefully a developer can better capture this shortly. Thanks for the great show!

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