Useless Info Inc is a production by Walt and Max, two guys trapped in New York City and podcasting to the greater world about stuff we like to talk about. We have two podcasts running at the moment.

"The Future Sucks, a Dystopian Film Podcast": We love dystopian cinema so much we decided to deep dive into a number of movies that show the future in a, shall we say, unflattering light. We call this podcast “The Future Sucks” for a good reason. We take on some of the staples, but we also explore movies that are more under the radar, as well as those that deserve to stay under the radar.

"Anti-Seminal, a Rock Album Podcast": We’re calling this podcast series “Anti-Seminal.” You know those rock albums that everyone talks about and everyone seems to own? We’re not talking about those. We dig them, but on this podcast we’re going to look at bands from A to Z and bring some love to albums that may be underrated and deserve more attention. The focus will be on hard rock and metal, but we’ll be sure to mix it up now and then.