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    • Dogs of Lordstown 4 months ago

      In which we discuss Lordstown Motors, Nikola, and other various electric car start-ups. Why are are most of them financially ...

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  • scams - The Scam Can

    The Scam Can: Talking back to Telemarketers and Scammers.In this irregularly released podcast I spend some time calling and talking ...

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    We're rewatching Leverage! Join us as we dive into a world of heists, and confidence tricks.Find us at:Shoutengineshoutengine.com/profile/letsstealapodcast/Emailletsstealapodcast@gmail.comTwittertwitter.com/letsstealcastTumblrletsstealapodcast.tumblr.com/AudioEntropy.comFrankietwitter.com/frankiExtraCassidytwitter.com/whatiscosplay